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Jaap Meijer & the First Review of the Diaries of Anne Frank

Top Hats, Low Standards. It is the telling title of the collection of essays published in 1969 by Jaap Meijer (1912-1993), an outstanding historian of Jewish life and thought, a fierce Dutch public intellectual and a deeply troubled soul. Meijer’s collection is about Jewish life in the Netherlands during the 1930s. Each essay is a blast. […]

At the Crossroads of Bildung: Moritz Stern – Alfred Stern – Anne Frank

At the end of October 1942 Otto Frank, so his daughter reported in the revised version of her diaries, took ‘Goethe’s and Schiller’s dramas out of the large bookcase.’  Her father’s idea was, as Anne put it, ‘to read somethingfrom themout loud to me every evening. We’ve already started on Don Carlos.’ So just about four […]


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